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Bring the Magic of Diversity to Your Classroom
with Bernard’s Author Visits

 Inspire Your Students with the Power of Diverse Storytelling

Are you looking for a way to spark your students' curiosity and broaden their horizons? Look no further than Bernard K. Mensah, a passionate children's book author who is committed to promoting the values of diversity and inclusion.


With two self-published books and eight up-coming traditionally published books, Bernard can craft custom engaging workshops, class readings, lesson plans, and anything in between to suit requirements from preschool to older children.

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With a wealth of experience in captivating audiences of all ages, Bernard is an ideal addition to any book festival lineup. His commitment to diversity and equality aligns perfectly with the festival spirit of celebrating and embracing differences.


Did you know that reading is one of the most important indicators of success in later life? In fact, research shows that children who read for pleasure perform better in all areas of life, including education, employment, and even overall well-being. By booking Bernard for your book festival, you're not just providing entertainment - you're setting the stage for a lifetime of success for your young readers.

Children who read diverse books show increased empathy and reduced prejudice towards people from different backgrounds. (Source: Cooperative Children's Book Center)


Students who read diverse books are more likely to have positive relationships with peers from different backgrounds. (Source: Scholastic)


Children who read diverse books have higher academic achievement and better problem-solving skills. (Source: National Council of Teachers of English)

In a study of primary school children, 83% said that meeting an author made them feel more positive about reading. (Source: UKLA)


70% of teachers said that author visits had a positive impact on their students' reading motivation. (Source: UKLA)


During his author visits, Bernard brings enthusiasm, fun, and a wealth of knowledge to engage and inspire students. With lots of experience working with schools, Bernard knows how to connect with children of all ages and backgrounds, making his author visits an unforgettable experience.

Through his engaging stories and fabulous art, Bernard works hard to ensure that children learn something new and have an experience that will last a lifetime. His stories provide a unique insight into the true Africa, celebrating the values of diversity and equality that are at the core of a modern society.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book Bernard today to bring the magic of diversity to your classroom and give your students an unforgettable experience that will promote cultural awareness, empathy, and inclusivity in their everyday lives.


 Click to check Bernard's availability and book your author visit.


Inspire your students with the power of diverse storytelling. Act now and give your students a chance to learn about the world in a new and exciting way.

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