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My Work

Hi There!


I'm Bernard - the dude on the top looking all strange. 


I'm a Children's Book Author by night and a Software Engineering Manager by day. 


I'm also Ghanaian, a dad to two rambunctious little boys, AND I have a pretty wild imagination. Probably because I never grew up myself - sometimes I feel like a little kid with a mustache!

Some more...

I grew up in Ghana playing "Police and Thief" and Pilolo. I climbed mango trees that didn't belong to me, and I fished in pouring rain in rivers that overflowed their banks.


When I wasn't up to mischief, I would have my head stuck in a book! More than once, my Dad had to visit the library multiple times because I would finish books so quickly.


Some of my absolute favorites growing up were Goosebumps, Famous Five, and Redwall.

Are you still here?!

I live in the UK, in a tiny village called Belper, surrounded by lush green countryside.


I'm a member of SCBWI and Storytelling Academy. I also helped co-found #BlackCreatorsInKidlit and HabermanNerds.


BlackCreatorsInKidlit exists to increase Black representation in publishing, and


HabermanNerds exists to nurture and promote African literature and storytelling.


To support emerging writers of color and increase diverse representation in children's literature, please follow @BCinKidLit and @HabermanNerds on social media.