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Events & Other Gatherings


Looking for an inspiring children's book author to engage and educate your audience at your next event? Meet Bernard K. Mensah!

Bernard is a gifted storyteller and illustrator who adds a spark of creativity to any event, from literary festivals to community gatherings. Not only does he deliver entertainment, but he also promotes important values such as empathy, tolerance, and acceptance, which are crucial for young readers to develop.

Grid and Leaves

Studies have shown that reading is vital for academic success and personal growth, and exposure to diverse literature is essential for promoting cultural awareness and eliminating biases. Bernard's dedication to showcasing diverse cultures through his books makes him an ideal choice for events that aim to educate and celebrate diversity.


But Bernard is not just another children's book author. His books have earned glowing reviews, and with multiple upcoming books from traditional publishers, there’s sure to be something that will be a perfect match.

 Additionally with his commitment to ensuring that every child has a memorable experience, you can trust him to deliver a performance that will leave a lasting impression.


In a market flooded with over 2 million new book titles published each year worldwide, it can be challenging to stand out. However, by featuring Bernard and his unique perspective on African culture, your event will stand out from the crowd and attract a diverse and engaged audience.

So, what are you waiting for?

Whether you're organizing a cultural festival, a school assembly, or any other event that needs a touch of magic and diversity, book Bernard K. Mensah today! Contact him to learn more about his availability and rates.


Together, let's create an event that sparks imagination, fosters learning, and celebrates the richness of diverse cultures.

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