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Full of easter eggs and facts about Ghana you are guaranteed not to know.

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Celebrating Diversity With a New Comic Book Hero

Join 13-year old Yawa on her first mission as she jets off to Ghana to discover the truth behind a mysterious phone call. We are so excited to bring you the first instalment of this new series – an awesome story for comic book lovers, young and old, available in English, French and Twi (A Ghanaian Language)!

A Learning Journey Into African Culture

Woven into each compelling adventure, you will discover fascinating facts and stories related to African history and culture. This isn’t just regular Africa. Each issue deep dives into the heart of a particular country, it’s people, history and artefacts.



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Yawa: A 13-year-old near-genius who lives with her recently widowed and overprotective scientist Dad and tries her best to keep his forgetful self alive and on time for things. When she’s not doing that or at her part-time job at the Natural History Museum in London, Yawa loves to kick back with her childhood best friend Kodjo gaming or arguing about the better character in their favourite comic

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Dr Ebo Ansah: Absent-minded but brilliant, Dr. Ebo Ansah, or just “dad” to Yawa, is a metallurgist researcher in the Natural History Museum’s Archeology department. Nothing gets him more excited than finding some rare metal. His motto, which is absolutely corny, is… “a metal a day keeps the boredom away.”

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Kojdo: Kodjo is the unlikely ride-or-die partner to Yawa. Since Yawa stuck up for him against a bully in kindergarten, the two have never been separated. He LOVES the “Cool Runnings” movie and is always finding opportunities to quote “life lessons” from it. He’s laid back and intent on enjoying life, after all, you “only live once”.

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Celebrating African Culture

Our new series aims to diversify bookshelves and the minds of readers. There are hardly any comic books featuring a Black main character, let alone one as young as Yawa! So we are super-excited that Yawa and the team will teach us about African culture through their adventures! We guarantee you and your family will learn loads, regardless of your identity, and you’ll definitely have fun in the process!

More Awesome Adventures Coming Up!

Yawa’s adventures will not end in Ghana! There are 54 countries in Africa, and we intend to continue the journey across them all. Join Yawa as she explores the many cultures that can be discovered – and look out for treasures and relics along the way!

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